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Spatula flexibila pentru contur

spatula cu forma speciala pentru modelarea a eficienta contururilor

Codul produsului: 10010066

32,29 RON*

Conținut: 1 Buc (32,29 RON* / 1 Buc)

Disponibil, timp de livrare: 2-4 zile

Informații despre produs

Spatulă flexibilă pentru contur

For the easier processing of the many adhesives and sealants, WEICON has developed a broad range of ancillary equipment and accessories. The Contour Spatula Flexy provides an optimized haptic and shape, which was developed together with users. It is flexible, yet stable and shows good resistance to cleaning agents. The spatula is suitable for numerous applications. It is used for applying, levelling or smoothing on workpieces with different shapes. It can also be used for large-surface applications of pasty adhesives. Moreover, it is ideal for trowelling and smoothing corner and connection joints. Another area of use is the application and production of larger sealing rings on casing and flange connections. The perforated toothed edge enables the production of even, triangular adhesive beads.

  • Spatulă pentru contur Flexy

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